Candid Cream 30gm (Clotrimazole 1%)

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Buy Clotrimazole 1%, Candid Cream (Clotrimazole) is used for the treatment of fungal skin infections mainly infections of the vagina, vulva, groin, or penis along with ringworm, fungal nappy rash, and infections of the armpit, toes, and skin folds. Clotrimazole acts against the fungi by impairing the permeability of the fungal cell wall and inhibiting the activity of enzymes within the cell. It is also sold under the brand name Mycelex.

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Candid Cream 30gm (Clotrimazole 1%)

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Candid Cream 30gm (Clotrimazole 1%)

Clotrimazole is an antifungal antibiotic used to treat infections caused by fungus. This medication is commonly prescribed for various fungal skin infections, such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. Clotrimazole is available under different trade names, including Candid Cream (manufactured by Glenmark), Lotrimin AF, and Candid Cream (produced by Glenmark Pharma Ltd). Mycelex is a brand name for the antifungal medication clotrimazole.

Some of the specific indications for Candid Cream 30gm (Clotrimazole 1%) include

Clotrimazole is primarily used for the treatment of fungal skin infections. It is effective against infections of the vagina, vulva, groin, or penis, as well as ringworm, fungal nappy rash, and infections in the armpit, toes, and skin folds.

Clotrimazole for Yeast Infection:

Clotrimazole is an effective treatment for yeast infections, particularly vaginal yeast infections. It can be applied as a cream or inserted as a suppository directly into the vagina. Clotrimazole helps eliminate the overgrowth of Candida fungus responsible for the infection, alleviating discomfort and restoring vaginal health.

Clotrimazole Cream for Ringworm:
Clotrimazole cream is an effective antifungal medication used to treat ringworm infections. It works by stopping the growth and spread of the fungus, relieving symptoms like itching, redness, and irritation. When applied topically to the affected area, clotrimazole cream helps in clearing the ringworm infection and promoting skin healing.

How Clotrimazole Works:

Clotrimazole acts against fungi by impairing the permeability of the fungal cell wall and inhibiting the activity of enzymes within the cell. Specifically, it inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol and other sterols essential for cell membrane production.

What is Clotrimazole?

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication used to combat fungal infections. It is particularly effective against skin infections like athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. This medication is available under various trade names, including Candid cream, Lotrimin AF, and Canstat.

Important Information about Clotrimazole/Mycelex:

  • Allergic individuals should avoid using Clotrimazole.
  • Complete the entire prescribed course, even if symptoms disappear, to prevent drug-resistant infections.
  • Clotrimazole is classified as an FDA pregnancy category B drug, generally safe during pregnancy, but consult a doctor if pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding.
  • Discuss all precautions with your doctor before using Clotrimazole, including any drug allergies or medical conditions.

Dosage and Usage Instructions:

  • Follow the doctor's or medication label's instructions precisely; do not alter the dosage without medical advice.
  • Wash hands before and after applying the cream or lotion, unless treating a hand infection.
  • Clean and dry the affected area before application.
  • Apply a small amount of cream twice daily for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Do not take Clotrimazole by mouth.
  • Avoid occlusive dressings that prevent proper air circulation over the medicated area.
  • Store Clotrimazole in a cool, dry place.

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What if I Miss a Dose?

Take the missed dose as soon as remembered. Skip it if the next dose is almost due to avoid potential harm from excess medication.

What if I Overdose?

In case of a Clotrimazole overdose, seek immediate medical attention or contact a doctor.

Things and Activities to Avoid While Taking Clotrimazole:

  • Follow the doctor's advice on food or activity restrictions.
  • Do not take Clotrimazole by mouth.
  • Avoid occlusive dressings and tight-fitting or synthetic clothing.
  • For jock itch, wear clean cotton socks, sandals, or shoes allowing proper air circulation.

Clotrimazole Side Effects of Candid Cream (Clotrimazole)

Common side effects include burning, stinging, swelling, irritation, redness, pimple-like bumps, tenderness, or flaking of treated skin. Seek medical attention if these side effects persist or worsen. Allergic reactions are rare but require immediate medical attention if experienced.

Interaction with Candid Cream (Clotrimazole):

Clotrimazole may interact with other drugs, potentially affecting their effectiveness or increasing the risk of side effects. It is essential to inform your healthcare provider about all medications, supplements, or herbal products you are taking before starting Clotrimazole treatment. Some medications, such as oral anticoagulants like warfarin, may interact with Clotrimazole, leading to potential bleeding risks. Additionally, certain drugs that are metabolized by liver enzymes may interact with Clotrimazole and alter their blood levels. To ensure safe and effective treatment, always consult a healthcare professional to assess possible drug interactions and adjust medication regimens accordingly.

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Expert Advice:

  • Clotrimazole/Mycelex cream or pessary is for vaginal use only; do not use in the eyes or take orally.
  • Apply to the affected area as directed (usually twice a day) for 2 to 4 weeks.
  • If using an applicator, clean and dry it after each use.
  • Wash hands immediately after applying the cream.
  • Complete the full course of treatment to clear the infection entirely.

FAQs about Clotrimazole

1. Q: Can I use Clotrimazole for oral thrush or mouth infections?

A: No, Clotrimazole cream is not intended for oral use. It is designed for topical application and should not be ingested. If you have oral thrush or mouth infections, consult your healthcare provider for appropriate treatment options.

2. Q: Can I use Clotrimazole for diaper rash in infants?

A: Clotrimazole is not recommended for diaper rash treatment in infants. For diaper rash, it is best to use products specifically designed for babies and follow your pediatrician's advice.

3. Q: Can Clotrimazole be used to treat nail fungus?

A: While Clotrimazole is effective against certain fungal infections, it may not be the first-line treatment for nail fungus. Consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and appropriate antifungal options for nail infections.

4. Q: Is it safe to apply Clotrimazole on broken or irritated skin?

A: It is not advisable to apply Clotrimazole on broken, irritated, or wounded skin. Doing so may lead to further irritation and discomfort. Always use the medication as directed, and if you have any concerns, consult your healthcare provider.

5. Q: Can I use Clotrimazole if I have a history of allergies to other antifungal medications?

A: If you have a history of allergies to antifungal medications, it is crucial to inform your doctor before using Clotrimazole. They will assess your medical history and recommend the most suitable antifungal treatment for your condition.

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