About OnlineGenericMedicine.com

OnlineGenericMedicine.com is one of the leading Supplier, Trader, and Exporter of various special & highly effective generic drugs and OTC healthcare items. We provide on-time delivery, best in class products & best Deals. We are committed to ensuring the quality of the product. The products offered by OnlineGenericMedicine are manufactured by companies that are on the US FDA or WHO-GMP inspected facilities. This, in turn, justifies the quality and price correlation. We are working with versatile and reputed manufacturers like Cipla, Ranbaxy, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Sun Pharma, and other multinationals as well. The majority of the medications found on OnlineGenericMedicine.com requires a prescription from a licensed physician, and a scanned copy must be uploaded at our company’s portal in order for us to process your order on prescription drug orders placed. 

Exceptional Quality of OnlineGenericMedicine.com

OnlineGenericMedicine.com emphasize on premium quality products because we intentionally work with intelligent direction to ensure that every drug and order is made and processed with sincere efforts and skillful execution. Quality runs parallel to value creation and innovation. An effective computerized quality Control system monitors the operations round-the-clock thereby ensuring world-class standards to meet the business needs. We focus on quality to enrich your life and have better tomorrow! Our commitment towards the community and vision of long-term success is giving people comfort and joy in their daily lives which drives us further every day towards doing everything we can to enrich the lives of our consumers. 

Service Standards at OnlineGenericMedicine.com

For our esteemed clients, we are offering an enormous range of Pharmacy Products. Offered services are provided by our deft professionals who coordinate with clients for tackling their problems and give better solutions. Apart from this, our offered services are extensively known for their client-centric approach and timely execution amongst our clients. We accelerate execution through improved intra- and inter-functional collaboration. We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable medicines, trusted by customers and patients worldwide. We reinforced focus on global compliance, production processes, people potential, supply chain consistency, and being the first time right. And putting our patient-first across all our strategies. Some of our standard Guidelines:-

  • Outstanding Customer Service.
  • Dispensing Branded & Generic Medications of the Highest Quality.
  • Reliable Shipping & Tracking at your Finger Tips.
  • Fast & Easy Complaint Resolution Process. 

Lowest Price Guarantee at OnlineGenericMedicine.com

You don’t have to spend a fortune just to get quality medications. Here at OnlineGenericMedicine.com, you are guaranteed to find the lowest prices for your generic and OTC drugs. We understand that prescription medications can be very expensive. We do not want you to pay a lot for your medication. You are on a medication to get healthier, and you should have the option to do so without paying all the money you have. 

Core Beliefs at OnlineGenericMedicine.com

  • Management’s commitment to Quality.
  • Quality Control should be the responsibility of everyone.
  • Genuine Focus on Customers.
  • Reducing Process Cycle Time through Continuous learning.
  • Boundaryless Collaboration.
  • Drive for Perfection & tolerance for failure.
  • Fact-based decision making.
  • We bring everyone in the company together to work accomplishing the transformation.
  • Quality should be looked at from the customer’s perspective.
  • Serving clients with unquestioned levels of honesty. 

Choice of Products and Availability from OnlineGenericMedicine.com

In order for a product to appear on the OnlineGenericMedicine.com website, it has to pass different parameters and approval. Market research is conducted for every product prior to the placement of the product on our site. Evaluations are made i.e. product and manufacturer analysis, in fact, it is done on packing too. Most products offered on OnlineGenericMedicine are generic drugs, having the exact same ingredients as a brand-name possess, but OnlineGenericMedicine.com offers much more affordable prices for consumers. The lower cost does not signify any difference in terms of purity, efficiency, dosage, or bioequivalence. 

Security of Ordering from OnlineGenericMedicine.com

It is common to question the security of websites nowadays with all of the scams and duplicate sites found online, but with OnlineGenericMedicine you never have to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. Your security is the number one concern with this company. We utilize the full certifications from SSL and Security from crazydomains as the gold standard for all of our orders placed through internet. All shopping cart pages on OnlineGenericMedicine.com are secured by a Standard SSL Security. The checkout and confirmation areas of OnlineGenericMedicine.com are ensured by IndusInd Bank’s payment gateway. This technology ensures that your credit card number and personal data are never sent over the Internet in unencrypted form. Once your credit/debit card information is received, it is immediately stored in its encrypted form securely in IndusInd Bank’s data center. Once it is encrypted, only a credit card Authorization Company can decrypt it. Your credit/debit card number is never displayed on our website, or to our employees. We always make sure the you are completely protected from intruders while shopping your medicines on our website. 

We do is Discreet Delivery

When it comes to privacy, we at OnlineGenericMedicine.com believe it to be of paramount importance. This is done especially when you shop for products that are of the intensely personal nature and related to health. It is this belief, coupled with our desire to help you keep the spark of love kindled that has led to the creation of the most discreet website for the purchase of generic drugs & OTC products. Confidentiality is the one thing we are most fanatical about. The products are packed in a discreet box.  If you wish to find out more, you can find out about the same by browsing through our ‘Privacy Policy’. 

Customer Service Support

Our entire team is dedicated and committed to making sure our customers are always satisfied. Our customer service support team goes beyond every point to show you the phenomenal service we are committed to giving it to all of our consumers before and after the order. OnlineGenericMedicine.com provides online customer service software with live support and help desk software where the consumer can clear his doubts. Feel free to read the independent customer testimonials found around the web or right here on our site to see how others have rated their experience with OnlineGenericMedicine.com. We are here for you whether you have a complaint, suggestion, or would just like to share your experience. Your health and fitness with our company is what we take pride in. 

WHY CHOOSE OnlineGenericMedicine.com!

Some of the reasons why we are preferred by our clients are:

  • High-quality standards
  • Transparent dealings
  • Ethical business policies
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Wide distribution network
  • On-time delivery schedules
  • Long shelf life
  • Accurate formulation
  • High storage stability.