Refunds And Returns

Order confirmation

When you place an order, OnlineGenericMedicine will immediately send you an order confirmation by e-mail. Within 24 hours, you will receive a second email confirming that your order is being processed. If we can't process your order or have payment problems, we'll email you.

Shipping confirmation

Once your order is being processed, it will likely be delivered same day. Shipping confirmation will be emailed to you along with tracking number and trace, if applicable. The email will describe the typical shipping time and how to contact us if you have any questions.

We can deliver to your home or office if you prefer.

Registered airmail is the preferred mode of transportation because it is safer and less likely to be stolen or lost. It requires a signature upon delivery. If you are not present at the time of delivery, a notice will be left to inform you of the attempted delivery and how to contact the post office to arrange a re-delivery or the stored post office to collect the payment. They will keep them there for weeks before returning them to us.

Post office box and APO address

We can deliver to PO Boxes and APO addresses as long as the delivery method is provided. On the My Account page, simply set the primary shipping address to the PO Box or APO address as needed.


We are based in India and your order is treated as imported by your local customs. Once your package goes through customs, there may be a delay in processing your order. We suggest that you always take the extra time and order in advance so as not to be inconvenienced during this period. It can take from a few days to 3 weeks in severe cases before they contact you.

Delivery delay

We quickly ship most orders within 24-48 hours of your order. Delivery time is entirely determined by the post office or courier service. The table above shows typical delivery times. Please note that if customs holds your order pending import tax, they may hold your order for 3-21 days before contacting you. If your order has not arrived within the standard delivery times above, please allow an additional 7 days for delivery BEFORE contacting us to determine if your order has been delayed; kept at customs or even lost.

Orders lost and shipped

We will reship or refund any lost orders provided we are contacted within 6 weeks of delivery. Returns or refunds will not be accepted if reported to us after 6 weeks.
We are happy to replace any orders that have not been delivered but under the following conditions:

1. Another 7 days have passed from the standard delivery time from the date of delivery.
2. The shipping address provided to us is correct If you provide an incorrect address, you will be charged for the replacement order. When/if the original order is returned to us, we will contact you with refund details. Refunds may take several months as the "return" costs have not been paid.

Returns and refunds

Our OnlineGenericMedicine 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you receive an order that is damaged in any way, or if you do not receive your order at all, we will send you another package. If you want us to refund you, we will refund the full amount requested by you. For this process, we will ask you to wait 30 days from the time your order is shipped. If you have not received your order within 30 days, or even if you do not see a notice that your order has been returned or is pending, we kindly ask you to send us receipt for assistance in our returns section. We will handle all support tickets in a timely manner. We are very sorry but please make a note that we can not provide this facility when the parcel is stuck in your customs.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Customers are our top priority.

We will refund any product as long as we receive it in time and the product can be resold. Products must be unused, unopened, and have a shelf life of more than 3 months.