Hair Fact Advanced Cyclical Therapy (Men)

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Hair Fact Fluence Advanced Cyclical Therapy (Men) M4+O2 offers the original and patented cyclical vitamin hair loss program. Designed for men, it features potent ingredients like Pumpkin Seed and N-ACETYLCYSTEINE to provide 100% result-oriented treatment.

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Hair Fact Advanced Cyclical Therapy (Men)

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Strength 6 strip of 8 Capsule/tablet
Container Type Box
Skin Type Neutraceuticals
Sex Male

Product Introduction

100% Result Oriented Treatment for Men Hair Loss. The comprehensive formula includes F–Trichogold, F-Cal D3, F-Tricho Ferum, F-TrichoShield, F-Tricho Protein, and F–Trichogrow, ensuring advanced care for optimal hair health and vitality.


  • F-Spirulux: Supports overall hair health and growth.
  • F-Cal D3: Provides essential calcium and vitamin D3 for hair strength.
  • F-Tricho Ferum: Supplies iron to prevent hair loss due to deficiencies.
  • F-TrichoShield: Protects hair from environmental damage.
  • F-Tricho Protein: Enhances hair structure and resilience.
  • F-Q10S: Boosts hair vitality with coenzyme Q10.

How to Use:

  1. Monday & Thursday: Take one of each supplement after breakfast or dinner.
  2. Tuesday & Friday: Take one of each supplement after breakfast or dinner.
  3. Wednesday & Saturday: Take one of each supplement after breakfast or dinner.
    oDescription: Follow the prescribed regimen to ensure maximum benefits from the cyclical therapy.
    oDetail: Consistency in following the usage instructions is key to achieving optimal results.
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