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Frequently Asked Question

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    • About The Company?
    • Is your company legitimate? How can I be sure about that?
    • How do i send a copy of my prescription before buying?
    • Do i always need to produce a prescription for purchasing from your website?
    • Can you guarantee about the confidentiality of my purchases from your website?
    • How do i contact your organization in order to discuss potential business opportunities?
    • I am an affiliate or somebody who wants to be an affiliate with your company – how can i find further information related to potentials available to me?
    • How much money will i save when i order from your website?

    • Step 1: Navigation of the website
    • Step 2: Signup
    • Step 3: The dispensing process
    • Step 4: The shipping of the Order
    • Step 5: Successfully delivered

    • How long does it take to ship the drugs to my home or office?
    • Can i buy more than a three month supply at a time?
    • Can I request specific expiration dates for the medications I order?
    • Why your prices so low?
    • Are The Products Mailed To Me The Same As What I Get At My Local Pharmacy?
    • If I Don't See My Prescription Medication On Your Price List, Does That Mean Your Company Doesn't Carry It?
    • How Do I Place An Order For Multiple People Living At The Same Household?
    • What Is Your Return Policy?
    • What Happens If I Want To Cancel My Order?
    • I Wish My Package To Be Sent Discretely, Can You Arrange This?
    • What Do I Do If One Of My Products In My Order Is Back-Ordered?
    • I Want To Change My Order After Placing It, How Can I Do This?
    • I Want A Copy Of My Receipt For A Particular Order, How Can I Get This Mailed To Me?
    • Will My Insurance Company Reimburse Me For The Online Medication I Order Through Your Company?

    • Why Is My Order On "Incomplete Payment Process" Or "Want To Pay" Or "Pending ECheck Payment"?
    • Why Is My Order On "Dispensing"?
    • Why Is My Order On "Hold Order"?
    • Why Is My Order Showing As "Cancelled" Or "Declined"?
    • Why Is My Order On "Awaiting Check Payment" Or "Awaiting Bank Wire Payment"?

    • What Is The CVV Number You Ask For On Your Sign Up Page? Where Can I Find It?
    • What Is Your Credit Card Description In My Credit Card Statement ?
    • How To Pay By Credit Card If Selected PayPal?
    • What Payment Methods Will Your Company Accept?
    • If I Send In A Cheque Or Money Order How Long Will It Take For You To Receive It And Process My Order?
    • My Credit Card Was Refused, Why?
    • I Don't Recognize The Charge On My Card, Is It From Your Company?
    • The Amount Charged On My Card Doesn't Match My Order Amount, Why Is This?
    • I Was Double Charged, Who Do I Contact About This?
    • My Refund Hasn't Showed Up On My Credit Card Yet, How Long Should It Take?

    • How Can I Update My Shipping Address Or Contact Information?
    • How Can I Change My Password?
    • Examples Of Weak Passwords
    • How Can I Order A Refill Of A Previous Order?
    • I Am Not Receiving Emails You Sent Me, What Is The Problem?
    • I Wish To Cancel My Account, Is This Possible?

    • My Online Medication Order Has Not Shipped Yet, What Is The Delay?
    • My Online Medication Order Was Shipped But The Tracking Numbers Are Not Yet Showing Up In The Courier Service, What Is The Problem?
    • If My Online Medication Order Is Returned To The Pharmacy, Can It Be Reshipped?
    • I Am Out Of Medications And Need Priority Processing, Can I Get This?
    • My Online Medication Order Is Later Than The Listed Shipping Times, Why Is This?
    • I Want To Cancel My Order After It Has Been Shipped, Is This Possible?
    • What Is Discreet Packaging And How Does It Work?

    • How Can I Tell That The Online Medications I Ordered Are Legitimate?
    • I Received Only Part Of My Order, Where Is The Rest Of It?
    • The Medication That I Ordered Online Looks Different Than What I Am Used To, Why Is This?
    • I Was Unable To Pickup My Parcel And It Was Returned To The Pharmacy, What Do I Do Now?
    • Can I Return My Medication After It Has Been Delivered?
    • I Received The Wrong Dosage Of Medication, What Do I Do?
    • The Medications In My Order Were Damaged During Transit, What Do I Do?
    • What Is Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) Of My Order ?

    • The Drugs That You Sell, Are They From Reputable Drug Firms?
    • How Do I Return Something To OnlineGenericMedicine.Com?
    • I Am Having Trouble Ordering. Do You Have Detailed Ordering Instructions?
    • Do I Need A Prescription To Purchase Drugs Online?
    • Why Should I Purchase From You Versus Another Online Pharmacy?
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