Terbicip Tablet (Terbinafine)

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Buy Terbinafine Tablet belongs to a category of medicine called antifungals primarily wont to treat fungal infections of the skin like ringworm, tinea cruris, and athlete’s foot. Lamisil is another brand name for Terbinafine.

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Terbicip 250mg Tablet (Terbinafine 250mg)

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Terbinafine Tablet: An Antifungal Medication for Skin Infections

Terbinafine Tablet is a potent antifungal medication used primarily to treat various fungal infections of the skin, including ringworm, tinea cruris, and athlete's foot. Additionally, this oral medication is effective against fungal nail infections. Fungal infections are caused by fungi that attack the skin tissue, leading to uncomfortable and sometimes contagious conditions. Terbinafine Tablet works by disrupting the fungal cell membranes, leading to their destruction and clearance from the affected area. Lamisil is another brand name for Terbinafine.

Dosage Information:

Terbinafine Tablet is available in both topical (cream, gel, spray) and oral (tablet) forms. The dosages and application methods vary depending on the type and severity of the fungal infection:

Topical Use: When using Terbinafine Tablet in topical form, apply a small amount of the medication as a thin layer on the clean and dry affected area. Avoid contact with the nose, mouth, or eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Terbinafine Tablet is not suitable for internal use.

Oral Use: For oral administration, swallow the entire Terbinafine Tablet with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food at the same time every day. Do not break, crush, or chew the tablet. If prescribed in granules, sprinkle them on soft, non-acidic food or pudding and swallow without chewing. Do not mix granules with apple sauce or other fruit-based foods.

Uses of Terbinafine Tablet

TerbinafineLamisil Tablet is indicated for the treatment of fungal infections, including ringworm, tinea cruris, athlete's foot, and fungal nail infections. These conditions can cause itching, redness, peeling, and discomfort.

Terbinafine Tablet for Ringworm:

Terbinafine Tablet is an effective treatment for ringworm, a contagious fungal infection that causes a ring-shaped rash on the skin. Get relief from the discomfort and itching with Terbinafine Tablet's antifungal properties.

Terbinafine Tablet Before and After:

Experience the remarkable transformation with Terbinafine Tablet before and after using it for fungal infections. Witness the visible improvement in skin conditions and enjoy healthier, clearer skin.

Terbinafine Tablet and Pregnancy:

Caution is advised during pregnancy when considering Terbinafine Tablet. Consult a healthcare professional to weigh the benefits and potential risks before using this medication during pregnancy.

Side Effects of Terbicip Tablet (Terbinafine)

Common side effects of Terbinafine Tablet include itching, irritation, and skin peeling. Most of these side effects are mild and resolve over time without medical intervention. However, if they persist or worsen, it is essential to consult a doctor.

Precautions of Terbicip Tablet (Terbinafine)

  • Allergic Reactions: Inform your doctor if you are known to be allergic to Terbinafine Tablet or any other medications. In case of severe skin itching, raised lumps, red rash, or blisters, discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing: If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before using Terbinafine Tablet. It is essential to weigh the benefits against potential risks.
  • Sun Exposure: Oral Terbinafine Tablet may increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. Limit sun exposure and use sunscreen and protective clothing while outdoors to prevent sunburn.
  • Fire Hazard: If using Terbinafine Tablet/Lamisil in topical form, avoid smoking or exposure to naked flames, as the material (bedding, clothing, dressings) in contact with the medication may catch fire easily.
  • Underlying Conditions: Inform your doctor if you have psoriasis, systemic LE, kidney, or liver problems before taking Terbinafine Tablet.

Drug Interactions with Terbinafine Tablet

Terbinafine Tablets may interact with certain medications and substances, leading to potential adverse effects or reduced efficacy. It is essential to inform your healthcare provider about all the medications you are currently taking, including prescription, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Terbinafine tablets may interact with alcohol, leading to unknown effects, so it is best to avoid alcohol consumption while on this medication. Additionally, certain medications metabolized by the liver, such as warfarin, cyclosporine, and certain antidepressants, may have altered levels in the blood when used concomitantly with Terbinafine Tablet. Hence, close monitoring and dosage adjustments may be necessary. Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the safe and effective use of Terbinafine Tablet with other medications.Terbinafine Tablet Price:

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Safety Advice for Terbinafine Tablet

  • Alcohol: Consult a doctor before consuming alcohol with Terbinafine Tablet, as its interaction is unknown.
  • Pregnancy: Terbinafine Tablet is classified as Category B during pregnancy, meaning it may be given to pregnant women if the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Breastfeeding: Terbinafine Tablet is excreted in human milk and is not advised for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Driving: Oral Terbinafine Tablet may cause dizziness, so drive only when fully alert after taking the medication.
  • Liver and Kidney Conditions: Use Terbinafine Tablet with caution if you have a history of liver or kidney diseases, and follow your doctor's dose adjustments if necessary.

Common Questions and Answers:

Do fungal infections spread from person to person?

Yes, fungal infections are contagious and can spread from one person to another through direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with contaminated surfaces, soil, or infected animals. Close contact and sharing personal items with infected individuals can also lead to the spread of the infection.

What should I avoid while taking Terbinafine Tablet/Lamisil?

It is advisable to avoid consuming foods containing chocolate and caffeine (e.g., cocoa beans, tea, coffee, cola, and energy drinks) while taking Terbinafine Tablet in oral form, as it may increase the adverse effects of caffeine.

Can Terbinafine Tablet make the skin sensitive to sunlight?

Yes, oral Terbinafine Tablets may increase skin sensitivity to sunlight. It is essential to limit sun exposure and use sunscreen and protective clothing to prevent sunburn. If you notice any unusual sensitivity to the sun or develop a rash while using Terbinafine Tablet, please consult a doctor.

Can Terbinafine Tablet cause allergic reactions?

Yes, Terbinafine Tablet may cause allergies and mild irritation at the site of application due to the presence of benzyl alcohol, which can trigger allergic reactions. If the inflammation worsens or persists, please consult a doctor.

How long should I use Terbinafine Tablet?

It is recommended to use Terbinafine Tablet for the duration prescribed by your doctor. The course of treatment with topical Terbinafine Tablet (cream, gel, or spray) usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for effective results, while oral use may require 2 to 6 weeks for fungal skin infections and 6 weeks to 6 months for fungal nail infections.

Can I stop using Terbinafine Tablet on my own?

No, it is not recommended to stop using Terbinafine Tablet without consulting your doctor, as it may lead to a recurrence of the infection. Follow your doctor's instructions and consult them if you experience any difficulties while taking Terbinafine Tablet.

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