Plastic Syringe with needle 2ml

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The All-Plastic Syringe features a 2 mL capacity and a Luer Slip design. Made from polypropylene with a clear barrel and green plunger, it is used with sharp, tri-bevel needles. This syringe does not have a replaceable tip and comes in a package of 100. Originating from Germany, it offers reliable performance for various medical and laboratory applications.

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Packaging 2ml Syringe
Strength 2 ML
Name Plastic Syringe with needle

About Plastic Syringe with needle

All-Plastic Syringe with 2 mL has been specifically developed to be used with sharp tri-bevel needles. It has a Luer Slip type connection that enables the easy interconnection of needles with ease and without much force. This Becton Dickinson kruze PCR Syringe is made robustly from polypropylene and boasts a clear barrel to enable clear view of contents with a contrastive green plunger. The yellow tip is made up of both polypropylene and polyethylene and the company guarantees a proper fitting on the needle. This syringe is available in a pack of one hundred and is produced in Germany. It is especially useful where accurate measurements and injections are required as in medical and laboratory applications. However, the syringe does not have a throwaway nozzle, which is the style found in many modern syringes.

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Manufacturer : A. Menarini India Pvt Ltdine HCL)
Equivalent Brand :
Generic Search : Fenbendazole
Strength : 2 ML