Why Prescription Drug Prices Are So High

Why Prescription Drug Prices Are So High

Is there a cure for high drug prices?
Patients suffering from pain, sometimes life-threatening diseases often find their struggle hardly end even when the treatment is over, there is one common website you can visit Online Generic Medicine where one can find the cheapest medicine available in the market. Here they provide the best price and highest customer satisfaction. Providing huge range of Men’s Health, Anti-Cancer, Asthma Medicine, Alcohol Medicine, HIV-Herpes, Women’s Health. They also provide attractive discounts.


Doctors and Rx prices: Ending the silence.
The doctors generally provide medication which consist of branded drugs that are expensive and not the generic drugs which have same composition available at cheaper price. OGM is a place where you can provide them the name of the drug doctor has prescribed and ask them to supply its medication if you are not able to find the medicine on their website. As there are a lot of medicines around the globe & it is not possible for them to get all of them on their website.

As drug prices increases, Quality of life goes down.
This is not true. As the world is growing there has been inflation in the drug prices, but at OGM they try to keep their prices constant and not increase it, as others do. The prices change only where there has been a significant increase in market price but they also assure you that the prices will still be cheaper than other online websites present out there in the United States of America.

One way big pharmacy keeps drug prices high.
As we all know that medication is important and the patient/consumer is reluctant to buy those medicines from them, they are able to charge high prices. But not anymore. As an initiative have found pharmacies who are ready to charge very less price, to help out those people who need medicines at a low price Prescription Drug and earn peoples trust more than earning money.

Can you trust Drug Ads on TV?
Viagra, Malegra, Chances are you’ve recently seen a TV commercial for at least one of these medications. After all, drug makers shell out billions of dollars for ads each year to keep them and other prescription drugs fresh in your mind. Experts at Online Generic Medicine, which reviews research on drug safety and efficiency, looked at each of those top 10 drugs to determine which are worth the hype and which aren’t.

Find out if your doctor takes payment from drug companies.
Yes it is true, doctors get paycheques by the drug manufacturing companies for suggesting there products to their patients, even the prices of the medicines include the cost given to the doctors. Here on Best Online Pharmacy they try to cut all those prices and give you the medicine at the most reasonable price so that you can use your insurance money for your better treatment as less money is required on medication.

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Why is healthcare so expensive?

There is no control by the government over pricing and hence the pharmaceutical companies charge prices by themselves which leads to price inflation as it includes the profit of all the peers that comes in distributing the medicines at your place. Buying online may help you to cut out those peers and get the medicine at the manufacturer’s price that does not contain the profit of big pharmacies situated in your region. There has also been many protests by local pharmacies against selling medicines online as it is cutting down there profits, but to live nicely and wisely one must take decisions that benefit financially. As it is rightly said a money saved is a money earned for the future.

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