You must have noticed some people have different types of skin bumps (granulomatous), enlarged nerves. These signs can be called leprosy. However, there are different types of symptoms occur in different people, the most common is the appearance of bumps (granulomatous) on the skin. There are different antibiotics available to cure leprosy, and one of them is dapsone that is known for its efficacy against the disease. Although, the famous brand name  Aczone is popular to treat leprosy, however, Online Generic Medicine provides you the Acnezine generic equivalent medicines that are usually curable at an affordable price.

What is “Leprosy”?

Leprosy is a chronic skin disease that is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. First, the disease affects the nerves including the lining of the nose and then spreads to the upper respiratory. Then, the symptoms can be seen on the upper portion of the eyes. The symptoms of leprosy can be seen in all ages of people. Although some genes are already associated with leprosy, still The disease is also responsible on the immune system.

What are the types of leprosy?

Based on the growth of bacteria, the WHO has classified the disease into two types-Paucibacillary and Multibacillary.

Paucibacillary: According to WHO, the hyperpigmentation (discoloration) macules and patches on the skin where the skin sensations are lost due to nerve damage. Here, five or few lesions can be detected on the skin.

Multibacillary: It is also known as Borderline in Medical Subject Headings. This type of disease is termed as multibacillary which is an intermediate and most common form. In multibacillary, there are usually more than five lesions detected on the skin.

What are the symptoms of leprosy?

There are main symptoms of leprosy can be seen in a person that consists of:

  • The decreased sensation on the skin lesion
  • Muscle weakness-mostly in hands and on feet
  • Eye issues
  • Enlarged and more visible nerves

How does leprosy is diagnosed?

Generally, the doctor conducts a physical examination where he/she examines the appeared signs and symptoms of the disease. Also, the patient needs to elaborate his/her disease history that will enable the doctor to reach the appropriate conclusion. After that, the doctor will recommend a skin biopsy or scraping. The small piece of the affected skin will be obtained and sent to the laboratories for the test.
How does leprosy is treated?

Several antibiotics are available in the market to treat the chronic disease called leprosy. An antibiotic such as dapsone is one of the most effective medicines to kill the bacteria that causes leprosy. Aczone is the one brand name that is well-known to treat the leprosy and you can get the same quality in generic equivalent brands at Online Generic Medicines.

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