Health is every being’s utmost priority and experimenting with it can be scary to think about. This is the reason why many people are apprehensive about purchasing medicine from an online pharmacy. Despite being a convenient, fast and secure mode of getting medicine when compared to wandering streets to streets, people are suspicious about these online medicine service. We are going to bust some of the common misconceptions that loom over people, regarding buying medicine from an online pharmacy.


Since most of the online pharmacies sell medicine at a lower price compared to the market rate, people assume that it has something to do with their quality, that it's not as potent as the one on the market. This is nothing but a falsification. Another false assumption is that online pharmacies sell duplicate products. Every online pharmacy has to obtain a license that allows them to sell medicine online. Additionally, they can only deal with the drug manufacturing companies that have a valid permit issued by the governing authority. Pharmacies like Online Generic Medicine offer generic medicines, as opposed to branded ones, as cheaper alternatives for patients, but that nowhere means that it is compromised on quality. They supply medication of FDA approved, and WHO-GMP inspected medicines manufacturers like Cipla.


This is downright a lie since online pharmacies are licensed and regulated by nation’s medical governing authority, to ensure the highest standard of service at all time. It's highly convenient, entirely safe and legal to order your prescriptions online.


Ordering medicines from the online pharmacy cannot get any easier and discreet with online generic medicines privacy policy. With our strong commitment towards respecting your privacy and providing confidentiality, we make sure all the medications are packaged in a discreet box.


People hesitate from purchasing medicine online since they think that the online pharmacies don't have adequate security and their personal information like medical history, credit card details might end up becoming public. Online Generic Medicine takes customers security seriously and utilizes the Alphassl, and Sucuri Security certifications as the gold standard for all of our internet placed orders with every shopping cart secured by a Standard SSL Security. They make sure that all your credit card, as well as personal details, during checkout and payment, are safe and secure by IndusInd Bank’s payment gateway.

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