They say overindulgence is bound to have an adverse impact and they also say, never trust things that are not based on facts or are derived from masses experience aka the misconceptions.

Of all the battles that we are fighting as a nation, alcohol and drug addiction in The USA and the world are on the top five.  Addiction is a public health crisis and should be cautiously dealt with, by encouraging the addicts to seek alcohol and drug treatment immediately.Addressing and resolving the criticality of drug and alcohol addiction also involves demystifying the misconceptions people have, that psychologically plays a part in refraining them from going ahead with thedrug and alcohol treatment.

In our today’s post, we are going to discuss the common misconceptions people have about drug and alcohol addiction: 


This is based on, taking pills to curb the treat the effects and reduce the craving of a pill is ultimately just changing the substance the person is addicted to, but that is not true. Doctors, after a thorough analysis, devise a treatment and prescribe medications for cutting out the craving, reducing the substance abuse, reduce the possibility of having a relapse. 


This is one of the most common belief amongst the addicts that they can not be treated. While there are those that believe that drug and alcohol treatments are expensive. None of this is true. Firstly, addiction can be treated with proper medication and therapy. Secondly, several health insurance companies cover the treatment, so you don't have to worry about going broke. 


No, consuming alcohol is a conscious decision, but when it starts interfering with your brain’s natural processing, it affects the ability to comprehend the situation and also adversely affects the ability to take the rational decision. This brings us to another related common misconception that quitting is easy, which is not true. To quit the addiction to drug and alcohol includes having to curb the dependency, or to convince yourself that you can function without it. Without proper medical assistance, the person despite trying to withdraw can have severe withdrawal issues, and the probability of relapse without any adequate treatment also increases. 


No, addiction to alcohol and substance is like a disease, a disease that slowly grows on you. Drug and alcohol addiction despite being perceived as one is not a sign of weakness or lack of willpower. There is a lot of factors that lead to dependency, which varies from person to person. Other than the drug’s potency to be addictive, genes, an individual’s mental condition, peer pressure have been seen as the common factors that lead to addiction in a person. The chemical released in the brain escalate the dependency and the part of the brain that is responsible for motivating, strengthening willpower is compromised. The dependence leads to the person craving the substance and prioritizing it over other necessities of life.

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