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Valif Oral Jelly 20 mg

Quick Overview

Valif 20 mg, offered in both tablet and jelly form, is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, which has its own American subsidiary known as Ajanta Pharma Inc. USA.

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Product Description

Understanding Vardenafil

Vardenafil is a drug meant to treat sexual impotence in men which is scientifically referred to as erectile dysfunction wherein men are not able to either attain penile erection or to sustain it. By ensuring adequate blood flow to the penis, Vardenafil ensures that the penis gets erect with ease and subsequently also remains erect.

Vardenafil is offered in the market under various brand names such as Valif tablets and oral jelly from Ajanta Pharma.

Pertinent Information about Vardenafil

There are some patients who might be allergic to Vardenafil and therefore should avoid taking it altogether.

With Vardenafil, there is the risk of QT syndrome wherein the heart tends to beat abnormally, referred to as arrhythmia. While this would very rarely be fatal, it can cause fainting or dizziness. This may particularly be true in case you already have certain heart conditions, or perhaps suffer from blood pressure or cholesterol related problems. It may manifest itself all the more if you have a family history of heart afflictions. Therefore it would be wise to discuss any such situations with your doctor.

QT syndrome also tends to get alleviated if your blood happens to have low levels of either magnesium or potassium. This might in turn get further aggravated by any tendency on your part to sweat profusely or suffer from diarrhea whereby your overall water retention in the system would be low. If so, you must confirm with your doctor if it would be OK to take Vardenafil in the first place.

You should also be careful to avoid too much of heavy duty work while on Vardenafil medication since it tends to bring about visionary changes or a feeling of dizziness. Therefore any task which requires very high levels of mental awareness and concentration such as operating machines or driving big vehicles would be something you should ideally avoid. In a similar vein, it would be advisable that you either minimize your intake of alcohol while taking Vardenafil or is possible, avoid it completely.


Before you embark on your Vardenafil course, make sure that you discuss your medical history with your doctor at length. This would especially be true in case you have had any major medical issues such as heart attacks or strokes, blood pressure or cholesterol related problems, kidney or liver problems, painful and prolonged erections, problems in the eyes such as retinitis pigmentosa, blood disorders as well as any ulcers in the stomach or the intestines.

In case you have had any of these issues, it would be advisable that you first check with your doctor if it would be alright for you to take Vardenafil in the very first place.

Taking Vardenafil

Vardenafil should be taken exactly as instructed by the doctor. You should particularly be very careful not to increase dosage based purely on your own whims and fancies. This dosage would typically be determined by your doctor based on your age, response to treatment, frequency of sex, and so on. Ideally, take Vardenafil before or after food, prior to having sex. Do not take it more than once in 24 hours.

Missing Doses

Missing doses does not really carry any major repercussions as such. You can simply take the next dose as and when you plan to have sex. Of course do not take two or more doses too soon between one another – there must be the 24 hour gap.


Overdose can have various consequences. In case you overdose stop taking the medication further. Also seek medical treatment on an emergency basis. You can also call the Poison helpline on +1(855) 495-5550. Usually overdose might result in unusual vision as well as pain in the back or in the muscles.

Stuff to Avoid

While taking Vardenafil, avoid taking too much alcohol, i.e. if you cannot avoid it completely. Also avoid grapefruit since it may cause side effects.

Side Effects

Side effects of Vardenafil vary from person to person. Many do not experience any side effects at all. Side effects as such range from dizziness, problems in vision, dizziness, and headache. Some folks experience specific visionary problems with respect to color, perhaps even loss of vision in one or both eyes, which may be triggered if you are above 50 and smoke, have diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure among other issues.

Then in some rare cases some patients experience an erection which simply refuses to subside, i.e. it extends well beyond 4 hours. If you have such an experience, seek immediate medical attention. Also you can call the FDA on 1-800-FDA-1088.

Remember that Vardenafil could have other side effects as well. Therefore if you experience any uneasiness, it is very important that you consult your doctor or seek urgent medical attention while also stopping the intake of Vardenafil till you do so.


Dosage of Vardenafil is not etched in stone. It is determined by doctors on the basis of a thorough examination of your medical history as well as your age, your response to treatment, the frequency with which you intend to have sex, and so on. What is most important is that you stick to the dose which has been recommended to you by your doctor.

Interaction with other Drugs

Vardenafil does tend to interfere with other drugs. If so, make sure that you do not take certain drugs while you are on a Vardenafil course. These drugs would include Erythrityl Tetranitrate, Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide Mononitrate, Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate, Bunazosin, Prazosin, Trimazosin, Phenoxybenzamine, Sparfloxacin, Pimozide, Mesoridazine, Fluconazole Isosorbide Dinitrate, and Posaconazole among many others.

Therefore it is very important that your doctor knows about the drugs that you are taking whereby you can get a confirmation whether it would be OK to actually take Vardenafil at the same time. In case you are already taking Vardenafil, it is important that you do not commence on some other drug without consulting your doctor.

Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma, India
Equivalent Brands Vardenafil Jelly
Composition Vardenafil Oral Jelly
Discontinue Url No
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