What are fungi?

Fungi is microbes that are found in the environment as well as the human body, but just like any other microbes fungi are classified as helpful and harmful. The symbiotic fungi help in bodily functions while the dangerous on disrupts it leading to disease and infections. When the potentially threatening fungi enter the human body, the immune system is unable to fight it, which leads to fungal infection in the body.

The signs and symptoms for the fungal infections vary on the type and area it is affecting. We have listed some of the common fungal infections which, if you notice should immediately get it looked by a dermatologist who will diagnose it and prescribe you an anti-fungal cream.

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Some of the common fungal infections are:


One of the most frequent epidermal fungal infections, ringworm, also known as tinea corporis, occurs in the form of rashes, itching, scales that gradually turn into a circle. , and you can buy anti-fungal cream online to treat the ringworms from Online Generic Medicine at the lowest market price.


Also known as onychomycosis, this happens when the part of the toe that grows the nail gets infected by a fungus and the nail which then grows comes out to be brittle, thick and easily separated from the nail bed. Nail discoloration and flaking are clear telltale signs of fungal nail infection. 


A common fungal infection of the feet,  it happens between the toes and the itching and scaling is so bad that it often breaks the skin leading to deposition. Some of the prominent symptoms of athlete’s foot are blisters, peeling, cracking and scaling of the feet. 


Teenagers, growing adult and those with excessively oily skin tend to be more vulnerable to tinea versicolor. It is an epidermal fungal infection that survives on the oil discharge from the glands. Categorized by a lighter skin than the surrounding area, scales, and patches, tinea versicolor is treated by anti-fungal medicines.


A fungal infection in the groin categorized by its’ intense itchiness is jock itch. The reason for fungi development in the groin region is that the fungus thrives in a warm and moist environment. A person suffering from jock itch may experience chafing, irritation, itching or burning in the infected area. The rashes are distinct and in a circular shape and rough edges.

You know who they say, prevention is better than cure, although there is no sure shot way of making sure that you never get any fungal infection, you can use some preventive measures such as:

  • Never use any public shower and in case if you are traveling and that’s the only option, then make sure to keep your feet protected it disposable flip flops in order to avoid any possibility of getting feet fungal infection. 

  • Don’t wear tight socks and closed toe shoes for too long as it might soon become breeding ground for fungi and bacterias. Wear clean socks every day and go for flat or open toe shoes to avoid the possibility of athlete’s foot.

  • The hot and humid weather makes for a perfect environment for any fungal infection, which is why it is essential that you ditch those tight clothes and wear loose fittings and garments made of breathable fabric.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a fungal infection or the symptoms of it, ask them to immediately consult a dermatologist to get the treatment started as soon as possible. And as far as the medicines are concerned, you can trust upon online generic medicine in delivering WHO-GMP and US-FDA facility inspected medication at your doorstep.